– The Hell In a Cell go-home edition of WWE SmackDown on FOX opens up with the usual video package. We’re live from the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio as Michael Cole welcomes us to SmackDown, sponsored by Progressive. He’s joined at ringside by Pat McAfee. They hype tonight’s match for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles, and the Six-Pack Challenge to determine the new #1 contender to SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey.

The New Day and Drew McIntyre vs. Butch, Sheamus and Ridge Holland

We go right to the ring and out first comes The New Day’s Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods as Samantha Irvin does the introductions. McAfee mentions how Cole has been doing this for 25 years and only missed two shows. Cole thanks him and shows us how Drew McIntyre served as The New Day’s mystery partner for last week’s win over The Brawling Brutes. Kofi and Woods take the mic and get a big pop from the crowd.

Kofi brings up The Brawling Brutes and fans boo. Kofi says Sheamus and his crew has been giving them a rough time lately, but now they are back in the winner’s column thanks to one man. Woods hypes up McIntyre and here he comes to a pop. McIntyre comes to the stage with his sword, then raises it in the air as the pyro goes off. Drew hits the ring an plays to the crowd for another pop. Drew takes the mic and says we are loud tonight. He sends a special shout-out to someone watching at home – Big E. Fans pop for Big E’s name. Drew knows how sometimes people can forget about you when you’re at home injured. He gets fans to chant “Big E!” to show no one has forgotten about Big E. Drew goes on and says he will challenge for, and he will win, the Undisputed WWE Universal Title at Clash at The Castle on September 3. He says we’ve got some time between now and then, and he’s always here to help Kofi and Woods if they need it. They go on with some comedy and then The New Day grabs a box, it’s a gift to Drew. His birthday is on Monday and they didn’t know, but wish him a happy early birthday anyway. Fans chant “happy birthday!” as Drew slowly opens the gift. It’s a neon kilt that says “Big D” on it. The music interrupts and out comes Sheamus, Butch and Ridge Holland.

Sheamus says this is a sad love fest. He says last week’s win was tainted like every Ohio State championship. He goes on talking trash to McIntyre and The New Day, building to a fight. Butch has heard enough talking. He rushes to the ring as Sheamus continues speaking. The New and McIntyre quickly triple team Butch and toss him out of the ring for a pop. Ridge holds Butch back as we go to a commercial break.

Back from the break and the match is underway as Sheamus delivers 10 Beats of the Bodhrán to Woods. Butch tags himself in and takes over with his own twist on it. Butch keeps control but Woods turns it around and in comes Kingston. They end up double teaming Butch and Kofi covers but he kicks out at 1. Woods tags back in and they deliver more quick, double team offense but Butch kicks out at 2.

Woods kicks Woods in the mouth. Holland tags in and Butch shoves Woods into a tackle by Ridge. Holland barks at the crowd as Sheamus smiles from the apron and fans boo. Holland with another big tackle to Woods. Ridge takes it to the corner and in comes Sheamus, who beats Woods down in the corner as the referee counts. Butch tags back in and grounds Woods as fans try to rally for him.

Butch works on Woods’ fingers and in comes Sheamus again. Woods finally counters and tags in Kofi. Kofi kicks Sheamus on his way in, then flies off the top with a double axe handle. Kofi ends up sending Butch and Ridge off the apron to the floor, then he dropkicks Sheamus and keeps the offense going. Sheamus looks to turn it around but he hits the ring post when Kofi moves. Kofi goes on and hits a flying crossbody for a 2 count. Kofi drops Sheamus again and hits the Boom Drop in the middle of the ring. Kofi plays to the crowd for more cheers. Butch grabs Kofi’s foot from the floor, but Drew runs over and rocks Butch with a big right hand.

Sheamus takes advantage and grabs Kofi for the Alabama Slam but Kofi slides out and sends Sheamus to the floor with a big knee. Woods knocks Ridge off the apron to the floor, next to Sheamus and in front of the announcers. Woods and Kofi runs the ropes and leap out, taking Sheamus and Ridge down for a big pop. Woods and Kofi celebrate on top of the announce table now as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Sheamus is unloading on Kofi in their corner, keeping him down. Butch comes in and keeps the assault going. Ridge tags in and launches Butch into Kofi. Ridge with a powerslam to Kofi. Sheamus tags in and comes off the top with a flying knee drop to Kofi for a close 2 count.

Fans chant for Kofi now. Sheamus rocks Drew with a cheap shot on the apron. Kofi counters and drops Sheamus with a Meteora out of nowhere. Fans rally as they’re both down. Ridge and Drew both tag in at the same time. Drew unloads on Ridge and knocks Butch off the apron. Drew with a big belly-to-belly throw to Ridge. Drew runs around the ring to clothesline Sheamus at the announce table. He then stops Butch, runs in and drops Ridge with a swinging neckbreaker. Drew kips-up for a pop, then calls for the Claymore Kick but Sheamus runs in and he has to toss Sheamus over his head. Butch tags in and attacks Drew but Drew launches him. Woods tags in and scoops Butch to his shoulders for a modified Stunner. Woods covers but Ridge breaks the pin up just in time.

Ridge gets sent to the floor but he catches a kick from Kofi, then they both tumble to the floor. Drew grabs Ridge but Sheamus saves Ridge with a running knee to Drew, then a Brogue Kick to Drew at ringside. Butch charges Sheamus in the ring but he misses and gets rolled up for a 2 count. Sheamus sends Kofi into the barrier at ringside. Sheamus distracts Woods from the apron, which allows Butch to go on and drop Woods with The Bitter End for the pin to win.

Winners: The Brawling Brutes

– After the match, Sheamus, Butch and Holland regroup on the ramp as the music hits. Drew and Kofi check on Woods in the middle of the ring.

– We see recent happenings that led to tonight’s main event for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles. Kayla Braxton is backstage with Riddle and Shinsuke Nakamura now, bringing up how they’re already challenging for the titles. Riddle says they are in the honeymoon phase, and while Nakamura is no Randy Orton, he has some sweet moves. Nakamura says Riddle is no Rick Boogs, but he’s much quieter, smooth, peaceful. Kayla shows us how the title unification match two weeks ago didn’t go Riddle’s way due to interference by Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. We also see The Bloodline destroying Riddle and Orton after the match. Riddle says for as much pain as The Bloodline caused Orton, Riddle promises he’s hurt them twice as bad. Riddle says maybe The Bloodline ended Orton’s career, so tonight is not about taking the titles off The Usos, it’s about revenge. Riddle says this one is for his best bud, Randy. Riddle and Nakamura talk strategy as we go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Adam Pearce is on the phone, talking about how he agrees that the Six-Pack Challenge is a great idea. Max Dupri walks in and Pearce hangs up his call. Dupri gets in Pearce’s face and says for the past 7 days he’s scoured the blue brand for the next crossover Superstar, who can headline WrestleMania and the fashion world, and while Pearce doesn’t make the cut, Dupri has found his first man. This person will walk away from Instagram and into the bright lights of WWE. Pearce asks who this is and Dupri says this is an invasive question, and he will just have to wait like the rest of the world, and find out next Friday on SmackDown. Dupri says the first client of Maximum Male Models will be revealed next week. Dupri walks off.

– The announcers hype Hell In a Cell and send us to a video package for the Cell match between Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins.

Humberto vs. Jinder Mahal

We go back to the ring and out come Los Lotharios – Humberto with Angel. The Kiss Cam starts up. Humberto kisses one woman on the hand as they walk around the ring. They both then stop at another woman and kiss her on the cheeks at the same time. Los Lotharios hit the ring and pose on the apron as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and our Progressive-sponsored video shows how a furious Jinder Mahal caught Shanky dancing and rapping backstage last week, before their loss to Los Lotharios. Jinder and Shanky are backstage now at the Gorilla Position. Jinder yells at Shanky and says he needs him to focus and take things serious tonight. Jinder tells Shanky no dancing. The music starts up and Jinder makes his way out with Shanky.

The bell rings as Shanky has some fun at ringside in his new gear. Humberto goes to work on Jinder, beating him into the corner and stomping away. Humberto poses over Jinder in the corner to a mixed reaction. Humberto with chops to Jinder in the corner now.

Jinder comes back with a big back-drop, which Shanky enjoys. Jinder drops Humberto again and puts boots and a knee to him. Humberto drops Jinder over the top rope, then kicks him from the apron. Humberto misses a springboard crossbody, then turns around to a huge kick to the face by Jinder.

Jinder stalks Humberto, waiting to finish him, but he’s distracted by Shanky dancing and chanting at ringside. Jinder yells at Shanky and Shanky gets on the apron now. Humberto looks to take advantage of the distraction and roll Jinder up, but Shanky’s distraction actually helps Jinder as he pins Humberto for the win.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

– After the match, the music hits as Jinder exits the ring. Shanky is all smiles but Jinder shoots him an angry look and walks off, still against the dancing. Shanky sees Samantha Irvin and starts dancing for her. Irvin gets up and dances with Shanky as fans chant “go Shanky!” and cheer them on.

– We see how Shotzi rallied the women’s locker room last week to attack Raquel Rodriguez and Ronda Rousey during their Championship Contender’s match, only for Aliyah to lock Shotzi in the locker room as they went out to storm the ring.

Six-Pack Challenge to Determine a New #1 Contender: Raquel Rodriguez vs. Shotzi vs. Aliyah vs. Xia Li vs. Shayna Baszler vs. Natalya

We go back to the ring and out comes SmackDown Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey to a pop. She heads to ringside to watch the Six-Pack Challenge to determine her next challenger. It sounds like Cole said this match was Rousey’s idea. Raquel Rodriguez is out next to a bigger pop it seems. Shotzi is out next, followed by Aliyah. Aliyah’s music hits but she never shows. Shotzi smiles as the camera cuts backstage to the women’s locker room door. We see Aliyah beating on the door from the other side, telling someone to open up. Shotzi has locked Aliyah in the locker room as payback. Shotzi yells out from the ring and says this is what she gets. McAfee points to how Shotzi locked Aliyah and a camera operator in the room. Rousey takes a seat at ringside as Shotzi and Raquel face off in the ring. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and the announcers hype tonight’s main event. We go back to the ring and Shayna Baszler is making her way out as Shotzi and Raquel look on. Rousey smirks from her chair at ringside. Cole says building personnel are trying to find the key to let Aliyah out of the room. Out next comes Xia Li. Natalya is the last competitor to head to the ring, with Aliyah still locked in the locker room. Cole says this may be a Five-Pack Challenge now. Shotzi begs the referee to ring the bell but he won’t because of Aliyah. Aliyah suddenly runs out and she’s free now. The bell rings and Aliyah attacks, sending Shotzi out. Aliyah then hits a Meteora off the apron to the floor.

Natalya and Baszler send Aliyah into the timekeeper’s area. Raquel is surrounded by Li, Natalya and Baszler now. She starts fighting and runs over Natalya and Li at the same time. Shotzi comes off the top but Raquel ends up scooping her and using her as a weapon on the other three. Raquel scoops Natalya but Baszler makes the save and applies a Kirifuda Clutch. Raquel counters and they both tumble through the ropes to the floor.

Natalya softens Li up for the Sharpshooter now. Li turns it around but Natalya keeps fighting. Li with a big elbow in the corner, then a snap suplex. Li with a kick to the back of the neck but Aliyah breaks the pin up. Aliyah drops Li face-first into the mat but Li rolls to the floor. Aliyah covers Natalya for 2 as Baszler breaks it up just in time. Baszler with a gutwrench slam to Aliyah face-first into the mat. Shotzi drops Natalya with a DDT. Li runs in with a spin kick to Shotzi, but Natalya drops Li with a discus clothesline.

Natalya and Raquel trade strikes now. Raquel blocks a punch and backs Natalya into the corner with one arm. Natalya rolls her for a 2 count. Raquel comes right back with a big boot to level Natalya. Shotzi stops Raquel from hitting the spinning corkscrew Vader Bomb from the corner. Raquel decks her, brings her over the top rope and drops her with a big suplex into the corner.

Raquel hits the second rope spinning corkscrew, then hits the Tejana Bomb on Shotzi. Raquel looks to put Shotzi away but Baszler comes from behind and applies the Kirifuda Clutch on Raquel. Natalya takes advantage and steals the pin on Shotzi for the win.

Winner and New #1 Contender: Natalya

– After the match, Natalya stands tall as the music hits. Cole says the match will take place at a later date. Rousey gets up and stares Natalya down. Rousey now enters the ring and faces off with Natalya in the center. Rousey’s music starts up as they face off. Rousey smirks as Natalya steps closer and is all business while staring her down.

– We see recent happenings between Madcap Moss and Happy Baron Corbin. An ambulance suddenly backs into the backstage area with the sirens on. The doors swing open and out hops Moss. He has new gear on and he is all business. Moss is ready to go as we return to commercial.

– Back from the break and Cole announces that WWE Hall of Famers The Bella Twins will be the Grand Marshals for the NASCAR Sonoma race on Sunday, June 12. The race airs only on FS1 and the FOX Sports app.

– We get a condensed version of the five Lacey Evans story vignettes that recently aired. Cole says she will return to SmackDown next week.

– We go back to the ring and out comes Madcap Moss with a new look – all black trunks, knee pads and boots, no suspenders. He’s serious and no longer joking around, and also has a new theme song. Moss rushes the ring and says let’s go. Fans cheer some as Moss takes the mic.

Moss says three weeks ago he laid in this ring with a steel chair wrapped around his neck, and a 90 pound trophy slammed down on him. The man who did that, Happy Baron Corbin… fans boo Corbin’s name… Moss says Corbin thought that would be the end of Madcap Moss. Moss says Corbin was right… the man he thought he knew as Madcap Moss is gone, the man that would take his crap week after week, the man who would take his crap and just laugh it off, that man isn’t just gone… Moss buried him. Moss says when the weight of that trophy smashed down on him, maybe it knocked something loose in his head because each night since then he’s had a dream where he’s hitting Corbin in the face, harder and harder, as he tells Moss to tell him a joke. Then one day Moss woke up and thought all the fans here tonight would love to really see that happen. Moss calls Corbin a human fedora rack and tells him to bring his sorry ass to the ring before Moss goes and finds him.

The music hits and out comes Corbin to the stage. Corbin says he’s sorry but Moss is not here to fight… the real reason he’s here is because he misses Corbin, he misses the structure Corbin brought to his life as his employer, and he’s here to beg for his job back. Corbin says he will consider it. Moss gets hyped up and threatens to knock Corbin’s teeth down his throat. Corbin talks about handling Moss in the ring, but not tonight because Moss is angry and not thinking straight, and Corbin would hate to see Moss throw away his entire career because he’s emotional. Corbin says it’s a bad idea. Adam Pearce comes out and says a match between the two is actually a great idea. Pearce asks the fans what they think and they agree. Pearce makes the match official. Corbin argues with Pearce while Moss yells at him from the ring. Back to commercial.

Madcap Moss vs. Happy Baron Corbin

Back from the break and Happy Baron Corbin stalls at ringside but finally comes in as the bell hits. Madcap Moss goes to attack but Corbin stalls and retreats again. Corbin with a kick and a punch as he tries to use the referee as a distraction coming in.

Moss ends up attacking and clotheslining him over the top rope to the floor. Moss follows and keeps control, sending Corbin into the barrier, then the ring post. Moss brings it back in but Corbin goes right back out. Corbin grabs a steel chair at ringside but Moss kicks him and gets it from him. Moss then hits Corbin with the chair but the referee calls the match.

Winner by DQ: Happy Baron Corbin

– After the bell, Moss is already disqualified so he brings the chair into the ring and unloads on Corbin as fans cheer him on. Moss drops Corbin with two chair shots and yells out. Fans chant “one more time!” but Moss brings half of the steel ring steps in now. Moss with another chair shot over the back to keep Corbin down. Moss jabs the top of the chair into Corbin’s throat, then hits him in the gut. Moss wraps the chair around Corbin’s neck, like Corbin previously did to him, and he goes to slam the chair with the steel steps but WWE officials rush the ring and stop him. Corbin retreats to the floor as a referee checks on him. Moss is fired up as officials stand in his way. Corbin is all smiles now as he has trouble standing on his feet as he is announced the winner by DQ. Fans chant “Corbin sucks!” to end the segment.

– Kayla is backstage with Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos. They talk about potentially sending Riddle and Nakamura to the ICU tonight. They also mock Riddle dedicating tonight’s main event to Randy Orton. The Usos then dedicate tonight’s match to Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. They get hyped up and declare that The Bloodline will remain dripped up and remain the champions after tonight. The Usos go on and say Riddle and Nakamura are the 2s, while The Usos are the 1s. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and Cole plugs the WWE Moonsault NFT marketplace.

– Happy Baron Corbin limps around backstage and stops Adam Pearce. Corbin wants Madcap Moss suspended. Pearce instead announces Moss vs. Corbin at WWE Hell In a Cell in a No Holds Barred match.

– The announcers confirm Gunther vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Ricochet for next Friday night. Ricochet is backstage now. He says he has the title because his hard work in the ring is flawless. Ricochet says Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser always talk about respect, but he’s confident Gunther will respect his capabilities after next week and the title will continue to sit pretty on the shoulder of the one and only. Kaiser and Gunther are backstage now. Kaiser says the WWE Intercontinental Title represents honor and integrity, and there is no man more worthy than Gunther. Kaiser says Ricochet’s time is over. Fans chant “USA!” in the arena now. Gunther says The Ring General will become the new Intercontinental Champion.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles Match: Riddle and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. The Usos

We go back to the ring for tonight’s main event and out first comes Shinsuke Nakamura. Riddle is also out as the announcers go over the card for WWE Hell In a Cell on Sunday. Out next are Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos – Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso. We get formal ring introductions by Samantha Irvin. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Jey starts off with Nakamura. They unload on each other but Nakamura gets the upperhand. He takes Uso to the corner where Riddle is. They double team Uso and in comes Riddle with a Fisherman’s suplex for a close 2 count. Jey fights back and sends Riddle to their corner. Jimmy tags in and they hit a big double team spike into the mat.

Jimmy stomps away on Riddle while he’s down, focusing on his lower back. Riddle kicks out at 2. Jimmy grounds Riddle now but he fights up and out. Jimmy still stops the tag but Riddle gets out and drops him with a big kick to the side of the head. Nakamura rallies fans as Riddle slowly goes for the tag. Jey and Nakamura tag in at the same time now. Nakamura unloads and gets the upperhand again,s ending Jey out with a scissor kick. Nakamura beats Jey back down in the corner and delivers Good Vibrations. Nakamura places Jey on top of the turnbuckles and delivers a running high knee for another 2 count.

Nakamura runs into boots in the corner, but he still decks Jey and hits the big sliding German suplex. Riddle tags in and drops Jey with a knee for a close 2 count. Jey knocks Nakamura off the apron, ducks Riddle but Riddle still lands on his feet off the counter. Riddle mounts some offense but goes to the top and Jimmy shoves him to the mat while the referee is distracted with Jey. The Usos drop Riddle with a double superkick but Nakamura makes the save just in time. Nakamura sends Jey to the floor and then into the steel ring steps.

Fans pop as Nakamura readies for the running knee against the steps. Jey moves and Nakamura smashes his knee into the steps instead. The Usos with another double team at ringside, taking out Nakamura’s knee from behind while the other Uso holds him. Nakamura goes down clutching his leg. The referee backs The Usos off and checks on Nakamura, then throws up the dreaded “X” sign and calls for help from the back. Medics and officials come out to help Nakamura to his feet as fans boo.

Nakamura limps away with help from officials as Riddle also helps them. The Usos laugh from inside the ring. Riddle goes back to the ring and meets Jey at ringside, dropping him with a right hand. Riddle enters the ring and ducks, then clotheslines Jimmy back to the floor. Riddle gets hyped up in the ring by himself as fans cheer him on. The Usos are shocked at ringside as they look on while down. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Riddle gets the best of Jimmy as they go at it. Jimmy counters and drops Riddle for a 2 count. Jey tags back in and they launch Riddle across the ring into the turnbuckles, shaking the ring as fans boo. Jey drops to the mat and pounds on it like Orton would, mocking him. Riddle nails a big knee strike out of nowhere to take Jey back down. Jimmy tags in and goes at it with Riddle now. Riddle stuns him with an overhead kick. Riddle with a knee to Jey as he comes in. Riddle with running forearms to each corner on both opponents.

Riddle goes on with power moves to dominate both opponents at the same time. Riddle with double Brotons, then he stands tall for a pop. Riddle goes for Orton’s second rope draping DDT but Jey saves his brother. Riddle with a punt kick from the apron to Uso on the floor. Riddle then hits a Floating Bro from the apron, taking both opponents down on the floor. Riddle brings it back in and hits the Orton powerslam on Jimmy. Riddle takes Jimmy back to the apron for the draping DDT as fans cheer him on. Riddle plays to the crowd for a big pop, then drops down and pounds on the mat. Jimmy blocks the RKO. Jey gets on the apron but Riddle hits him. Riddle tangles with Jimmy and rolls him for a 2 count. Jimmy with a Pop-Up Samoan Drop to Riddle for another close 2 count. The Usos and Riddle are shocked. Jimmy goes back to the top but Riddle jumps up and meets him.

The music of Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns starts up as fans react. The music distracts Riddle as he tangles with Uso on the top turnbuckle. They both resist but Riddle ends up dropping Jimmy to the mat with a super RKO for another big pop. Jey is actually legal now as he tagged in while Riddle was bringing Jimmy to the mat with the RKO. Riddle doesn’t see the tag, which allows Jey to climb up and hit the big Uso Splash for the pin to win and retain.

Winners: The Usos

– After the bell, the camera cuts back into the production truck and we see Sami Zayn celebrating. Sami had Reigns’ music played to cause the distraction. The Usos begin celebrating in the ring as their music hits. We go to replays. The Usos head up the ramp as Riddle recovers in the ring, but he is furious. Sami comes out to greet The Usos on the stage as fans boo. Riddle is seething now. Riddle rushes out of the ring to attack on the stage but The Usos beat him down. Referees hold Riddle to stop him from attacking as The Usos and Sami back away towards the back. Riddle is screaming about how this isn’t the end because they took Randy from him. The Hell In a Cell go-home edition of SmackDown on FOX goes off the air with Riddle screaming at The Usos and Sami.

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