How To Make The Most Of Your Detox Retreat At SHA Wellness Clinic


Tis the season! Not only to savor delicious holiday sweets, but also to plan your New Year detox retreat. January is the most famous month for starting healthy habits – and the most effective, studies say. We all are generally more motivated to follow the New Year, New Me idea, and to adapt to new habits, that make our lives better.

Why not start the new year with a detox retreat? Planning your healthy January already now, will make you feel better about indulging in guilty pleasures over the holidays.

SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante, Spain is one of Europe’s best luxury holistic health centers. From the typical detox week to custom weight-loss programs and rebalancing retreats, lasting between 7 and 21 days. There’s a whole variety to select from. In the hands of renowned doctors and health experts, using state-of-the-art technology and methods, you are going through various health checks in order to customize the most optimal treatment for you and your needs in order to achieve your goals. Here are the programs:

Advanced Detox

This program seeks to purify the body by purifying the liver and digestive system of toxins that have resulted from bad eating habits and external pollutants. Doctors also determine the level of oxidative stress in your body to counteract it by combining different treatments and therapies, such as lymphatic drainages, acupuncture, and special diets.

Healthy Aging

This program aims to optimize health by delaying or reducing the effects of aging. First, your biological age is determined, then compared with your chronological age and the factors that can negatively affect quality of life. Different therapies, nutrition and medical innovations are combined to achieve the best possible results. Finally, the keys to acquiring new healthy habits, improving overall health and prolonging well-being over time are shared with you, to keep these healthy habits in your life – forever.

Weight Loss

This program is perfect if you are seeking to achieve an ideal weight in a healthy, progressive and balanced way. You are under strict medical supervision, with the help of physical trainers, nutritional consultants, and SHA’s special chefs who prepare special meals for your diet. You learn techniques and healthy lifestyle habits that help you continue treatments at home and prevent rebounding.


This is the only program, that is available for a short (minimum) stay of 4 days, which means, you can easily get this in over a long weekend. In this program you’ll be able to de-stress, nourish yourself, re-vitalize body, mind and soul. You’ll learn new ways of healthy lifestyle: how to improve overall health and continue the learning process when you return home. This is a perfect program for those looking to fully relax and disconnect in an ideal environment.

At this modern, sustainable, Green Globe certified, wellness resort, you’ll stay at luxurious suites with valley or sea views. You’ll enjoy pool and spa facilities, and healthy gastronomy, so delicious, that it won’t make you feel, like you’re actually on a diet.

All this information, and much more you’ll be able to download in your personalized SHA Wellness app. You’ll be able to track, book and move each of your appointments during your stay, your meals, order room service, book group classes, learn about nutrition, wellness and treatments. And you’ll also be able to take all that you’ve learned with you and stay connected with SHA beyond your stay.

Happy New You!


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