Christine Brown’s Relationship With ‘Sister Wives’ Explained After Kody Split


Christine Brown sent shockwaves through the Brown family when she announced her separation from husband Kody Brown, who she had been in a polygamous marriage with, in November 2021.

The Sister Wives star shared her husband with Meri Brown, Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown. But she said she and Kody had “grown apart” when she made their separation public in a lengthy Instagram post.

After Christine’s announcement, fans of the TLC show were left wondering how the mother-of-six’s split with Kody would affect her relationship with the other wives.

Newsweek has all you need to know about Christine and how she is getting on with Sister Wives‘ Janelle, Meri and Robyn.

Sister Wives is the popular TLC reality show following the Brown family pictured. Christine Brown was one of Kody Brown’s wives.

Is Janelle Brown still close to Christine Brown?

Yes, the stars of TLC‘s Sister Wives are still in contact with each other and spent time together at Disney World in Orlando, Florida on March 15, 2022. Christine shared photos of the fun day out with her children and family friends on her Instagram.

Janelle also took to Instagram to document her time at the happiest place on Earth and captioned one picture, in which she was accompanied by her daughter, Maddie Brown Brush and son-in-law Caleb Brush, “Disney fun”.

Days earlier, Janelle told her Instagram followers she was in Orlando for a Plexus Leadership Retreat and that both Maddie and Christine would be joining her while sharing a pool photo. She captioned the image of her granddaughter Evie and Christine’s daughter Ysabel: “In Orlando for a Plexus Leadership Retreat. Best part? Maddie and Christine and several of the kids [are] joining me. Yesterday we spent some time at the pool. I just loved this shot of Evie and Ysabel.”

Despite Christine’s separation from Kody, she has remained good friends with Janelle and they continue to promote supplement brand Plexus together, with the duo sharing identical posts on Instagram on February 5, 2022 of them holding the drink intended to help weight loss.

Are Meri Brown and Christine Brown Feuding?

Fans of Sister Wives have speculated that Meri and Christine have fallen out after Christine launched a cooking show on TLC, called Cooking With Just Christine.

Meri, who has her own online cooking show called Fridays With Friends, posted a series of cryptic messages on Instagram in which she appeared to accuse Christine of copying her by launching the culinary series.

In an Instagram post, she shared an Oscar Wilde quote that read: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”

Another post from the mother-of-one said: “I don’t worry about people ‘copying’ me. Your next move can’t happen till I make mine. You’ll be behind.”

What’s more, Meri and Christine do not follow each other on Instagram. However, Christine follows her other former Sister Wives co-stars, who she was in a polygamous agreement with. But Meri does not follow any of them.

What is Robyn Brown and Christine Brown’s relationship like?

Robyn made several unpleasant remarks about Christine once it was announced the cooking star had split with Kody. In an episode of the Sister Wives Tell All, Robyn claimed her co-star “didn’t even try” to make her marriage work with their husband.

Kody’s fourth wife, the only one he is legally married to, said: “I just don’t know why they’re not figuring this out and finding a compromise”. Through tears, she added: “It’s my family”.

In the episode, she also went on to say Christine had refused to work with the other Sister Wives stars through what she described as “dysfunctional” aspects of the family dynamic.

However, the two women still follow each other on Instagram and both still appear on the jewelry and clothing line boutique they set up, called My Sisterwife’s Closet.

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