Break Free Consultancy Has the Secret To Unlocking Your Staff’s Full Potential


Employees are the foundation of any great business. It is vital that they are engaged, productive and actively contributing to your organisation’s growth and success. Whether it be sales, customer interaction or brand building, employees are ambassadors for your business, and their performance in these areas is intrinsically associated with their health and wellbeing. Break Free Consultancy has proven that they have the secret to unlocking your staff’s full potential, therefore improving the success of your business by working with you to improve staff wellbeing and increased productivity.  

Break Free Consultancy’s CEO and founder, Jacqui Grant, personifies the saying ‘practice what you preach.’ Dedicated to improving the productivity of your staff, she has specifically designed Break Free Consultancy’s health and wellness seminars to help companies empower their employees to be their best in the workplace and take charge of their life balance. These seminars assist with reducing workplace stress, increasing staff morale and improving employee mental health. 

These health and wellness seminars also provide employees with the resources and techniques to better manage their work-life balance and reduce work-induced stress. Jacqui’s extensive personal and professional experience with health and wellness provide her with an advantage through her ability to empathize and understand others to successfully help them achieve their goals. Her unique approach when delivering these seminars focus upon the specific needs of your workplace to offer a personalized program to suit any business’s needs. 

In addition to the health and wellness seminars, Break Free Consultancy also offers individual coaching, Break Free programs and retreats for business’ and their staff to connect with one another and improve well being, which incorporate effective strategies Jacqui has accumulated during her time as a holistic weight loss expert.

Featured in American Reporters ‘Top 10 Weight Loss Coaches for 2022’, Tickernews’ go-to person for discussions on weight loss and bariatric surgery, and amassing a large community through her podcast Break Free with Jacqui, Jacqui is also a  3-time Amazon bestselling author with a passion for empowering others to achieve their health, fitness and wellness goals. 

After losing 114kg’s and keeping it off for 4 years now, Jacqui has gained the energy, momentum and confidence needed to become a certified Health, Fitness and Wellness Coach, Weight Management Practitioner and Personal Trainer. Now, she is using her extensive knowledge to launch Break Free Consultnacy’s health and wellness seminar for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

If you’re a business who wants to unlock your staff’s full potential by empowering them to find a better work-life balance and reduce workplace stress then connect with

Break Free Consultancy through their website, Facebook or LinkedIn page.


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