A Smart Vacation Retreat: Experience a Healthier Lifestyle


By Philip Smith

Who wouldn’t give a thumbs up to a warm seaside vacation? So, why not make it a ‘smart’ vacation with long-term benefits for overall physical health, weight loss, improved mental attitude and environmental support at the Balance For Life Health Retreat in the Wyndham Hotel in Deerfield Beach, Florida?

The Balance For Life (BFL) mission is that every life should be filled with vibrant physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and a sense of purpose—and teaches the practical tools to attain them in an all-inclusive program focusing on nutrition, fitness, mindfulness and natural treatments. BFL offers a variety of options with specialized programs in juicing, water-only fasting and a SOS-free (no added salt, oil or sugar) plant-based menu for optimal health.

Terry Michael

According to Reservations and Information Director Terry Michael, guests overwhelmingly take advantage of this holistic opportunity to de-stress, detoxify and reboot following this gold standard program of plant-exclusive whole food nutrition. “Our remarkable, life-changing program helps guests reduce dependence on medications and processed foods, in addition to experiencing tai chi, yoga and aqua exercises, along with daily health education and recipe/shopping/meal planning workshops from expert physicians, nutritionists and exercise specialists. The overriding goal is to help the guests ensure and promote success at home,” she explains.

Harold Lebovic, founder, was involved in health spas in Florida and the Midwest during the 80s and 90s, and personally benefited by losing weight and maintaining a healthier lifestyle after he found himself a member of the obesity epidemic and threatened with acquired chronic diseases. It was that personal journey that motivated him to create Balance for Life in Florida and offer a comprehensive all-inclusive lifestyle program with health director Dr. Frank Sabatino, who brings four decades of research and expertise in health and wellness spa environments. He personally supervises the vegan whole food plant program, as well as the juice cleansing and water-only fasting programs.

Dr. Frank Sabatino

In recent years, the medical community has been investigating more holistic and functional healing options in addition to traditional medicine. Balance for Life clients are people from all different walks of life including educated clinicians, nurses, teachers and moms and daughters who want an ocean front, nurturing sanctuary to start a healthier lifestyle with like-minded people in an intimate group setting.

According to Lebovic, they are not looking for magic potions or lotions, but want to unplug and experience the beginning of a genuine, livable lifestyle. “After the one- or two-week programs, with a daily routine of health education, beach walks, yoga and aqua/fitness exercises classes and a smorgasbord of plant-based meals (which our clients always are amazed at feeling full and satisfied at the end of the day), clients go home rejuvenated, with tips on continuing a successful transition to their home environment minimizing the temptations in their ‘real’ world. They get recipes, tips on using equipment like air fryers and instant-pot meal prep and inspiration that comes from how much better they feel after letting the body heal naturally—even after a short period.

“We encourage our clients to take it a day at a time, with small, consistent changes in every aspect of their day-to-day lifestyles. These small consistent steps yield big results as the guests develop healthy routines and make lifelong friends that they often keep in touch with. And many typically come back as repeat guests for a weekend or longer to reset and take their experience to the next level,” Dr. Sabatino confirms.

While the program isn’t a one-size-fits-all, if you are interested in personally learning the basic steps toward a healthier lifestyle while supporting the ethical treatment of animals and caring for the environment, call the reservation line and consult with experts about the value of an all-inclusive retreat at the oceanfront Balance For Life program in Deerfield Beach, Florida.


Philip Smith is the editor-in-chief of Life Extension magazine. For more information about Balance For Life retreats, call (800) 663-929 or visit BalanceForLife.com.

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